Greenwind is proud to serve our clients with a select range of electrical services. Our list of electrical services may be as compact as it is, but it’s how we’re able to ensure that our cost-effective solutions can guarantee that your home and all surrounding properties are safe and sound.


Commercial electrical projects require a quality of electrical work greater than the work needed to be done with residential. The quality of electrical work completed also has a direct affect on not only the aesthetics of your location but its overall function, which can help reduce costs over the long-term and put money back into your pocket.


Our team at Greenwind offers specialized industrial electrical service packages designed to maximize the power of your facility. The result of our analysis of electrical service demands is our compact list of specialized solutions geared to installing, diagnosing, and repairing any and all industrial electrical issues.


Many companies prefer to move manufacturing operations overseas in order to remain competitive. But Greenwind Electrical is here to tell you that going abroad is not the only way to stay in the game. By working with us, companies are provided with cost-effective solutions that will improve quality and increase innovation because at Greenwind, we recognize that automation and robotics are more profitable alternatives.

Your safety, your security, our results- three things we care about the most, so give Greenwind Electrical Services Inc a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.