• Industrial (Electrical Contracting)

Our team at Greenwind offers specialized industrial electrical service
packages designed to maximize the power of your facility. The result of our analysis of electrical service demands is our compact list of specialized solutions geared to installing, diagnosing, and repairing any and all industrial electrical issues.

Control Panel/System Design

To meet your needs, Greenwind designs, builds, and tests panels in a reliable and cost-effective process. We create a layout of the equipment, including power sources and wiring while ensuring that all equipment is accessible for maintenance and repairs.

Human/Machine Interface (HMI)

HMIs are essential resources for industrial professionals who need to review and monitor processes, diagnose problems, and visualize data. An HMI is a user interface or dashboard that connects a person to a machine, system, or device. In industrial settings, HMIs can but are not limited to being used to track production times and trends, visually display data, and oversee KPIs.

Custom Control Panels

Greenwind designs a wide range of specialized control panels, from single push-button stations to advanced multi-bay enclosures. Using only the highest-quality products from top manufacturers, each cabinet is custom-built according to the specifications of your project.

Voltage Regulators

The voltage on modern distribution circuits is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Existing voltage control devices cannot maintain a consistent voltage profile. Greenwind’s collection of voltage regulators are cost-effective solutions to regulate voltage without compromising quality and reliability.

Door Access Control

Access control systems with keyless door entry in your industrial facilities is a major part of protecting and managing access to key areas at any given time. Keeping employees safe and retaining private access are all key components to mitigating potential risk in your facility.

Decommissioning & Commissioning Industrial Machinery

Commissioning and decommissioning services include inspection and safety checks and the isolation and removal of redundant systems that are not needed in your facility. This increases space, reduces costs, and prevents future risk.

CCTV Camera System

All industrial properties are installed with a CCTV camera system for protection, liability, and loss prevention. Finding a CCTV camera system that’s best suited for your facility needs is integral to operating a safe and successful operation and can be the difference between risk and reward.

Fire Alarm Panels / Devices

We design fire alarm systems customized for your facility as well as taking care of the installation and maintenance work that it will require over the long-term. Your facility needs to be protected against potential hazards and are required to be up to code. Whether it is creating a custom fire alarm system or repairing an existing one, Greenwind can help you with what you need.

System Upgrades and Retrofits

Commercial energy system retrofitting does not only consist of upgrading your electrical systems and products with more energy efficient systems. It involves replacing your old electrical systems with lighting solutions that are geared towards helping you save costs long-term and creating a more energy-efficient environment.

Your safety, your security, our results- three things we care about the most, so give Greenwind Electrical Services Inc a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.