• Commercial (Electrical Contracting)

Commercial electrical projects require a quality of electrical work greater than the work needed to be done with residential. The quality of electrical work completed also has a direct affect on not only the aesthetics of your location but its overall function, which can help reduce costs over the long-term and put money back into your pocket.

Maintenance/ Service Calls

Power loss occurs not only in residential properties but commercial properties as well. If you’re a business owner with a large, active commercial property, you want your electrical issues resolved as fast as possible. Greenwind can help you do that any day, any time.

Distribution Panels

The electric service panel is the connection between the external wires coming from the street and the internal wires of your home's electric system. The integrity of this connection is vital to the health of your business.


Greenwind provides sub-metering services and solutions for electrical, gas, thermal, and water consumption for commercial properties. By sub-metering, property owners are able to efficiently control operational costs, allowing them to funnel their savings into other areas of concern.

Retrofit Lighting

Our team can inspect the current lighting spread in your property and provide you with a strategy to make the current arrangement more cost and energy efficient. An important part of our strategy is to determine the most amount of light exposure using the least amount of lights.

Commercial, Warehouse, Shop Lighting

Having proper lighting is necessary to operate a safe and efficient warehouse or shop, as the correct lighting will help prevent accidents and injuries, improve visibility in the workplace, and present your facility in a clean and professional manner. Common challenges property owners face are figuring out how many fixtures are needed and what types to use, which our team at Greenwind can help with.

Electrical Upgrades

Is your commercial electrical system updated to the required electrical code? Our electrical maintenance service is scheduled according to our clients’ availability and request, which means we’re there when you need us to be.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

There is a wide variety of UPS sizes, types and features available which vary by voltage, duration, power and form factor. Our team can assess your facility and follow recommended diagnostics, testing, and maintenance procedures that’s best suited for your UPS system.

CCTV Camera System

All commercial properties are installed with a CCTV camera system for protection, liability, and loss prevention. As a commercial property owner, finding a CCTV camera system that’s best suited for your business needs is integral to operating a safe and successful operation.

Fire Alarm Panels/ Devices

Greenwind can design a fire alarm system customized for your property as well as taking care of the installation and maintenance work that it will require over the long-term. Whether it is creating a custom fire alarm system or repairing an existing one, Greenwind can help you with what you need.

Door Access Control

Access control systems with keyless door entry in your commercial facilities is a major part of protecting and managing access to an area at any given time. Increasing worker satisfaction, keeping employees safe, and mitigating potential risk factors are all key components to a business’ long-term success.

Your safety, your security, our results- three things we care about the most, so give Greenwind Electrical Services Inc a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.