Automation / Robotics

  • Automation/Robotics

Many companies prefer to move manufacturing operations overseas in order to remain competitive. But Greenwind Electrical is here to tell you that going abroad is not the only way to stay in the game. By working with us, companies are provided with cost-effective solutions that will improve quality and increase innovation because at Greenwind, we recognize that automation and robotics are more profitable alternatives.

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

If any aluminum wiring alterations have been done by DIYers or by unqualified electricians, your property may be in trouble. Aluminum wires oxidize over time and are not compatible with devices designed to be used with copper wiring, which are a majority of today’s products.

New Construction

Many home buyers think the hard part’s over once the foundation is set in their new property. However, they still have to wire their entire home or facility for electrical systems.

Your safety, your security, our results- three things we care about the most, so give Greenwind Electrical Services Inc a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.